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The author of Chart2D is Jason Simas.  Jason is currently a doctorate student under fellowship at the Computer Science Department of the University of Pennsylvania.  Jason began writing Chart2D under employment by California State University, Fresno.  CSUF agreed to grant Jason ownership of Chart2D if he were to license it under the LGPL, which he did.  In the spring of 2002, Siperian Corporation employed Jason under a $9,000 contract to customize and extend Chart2D for their purposes.  Siperian agreed to grant Jason permission to incorporate the improvements made, back into Chart2D.  An interesting side-point is that Jason has no interest in graphics or visualization, but has donated his efforts to this project mostly because it's a shame to see good code go to waist.  More information on Jason apart from Chart2D can be found here.

Please DO NOT send support requests to his e-mail.