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  • Java programming library for visualizing quantitative data using two-dimensional charts.

  • Goal of library is to provide common chart types and features for general applications.

  • Provides chart types: pie, line, bar, scatter plot (or dot), combination, and overlay.

  • Charts can be of type JComponent for GUI's or of type BufferedImage for images.

  • Supports both integer and real datasets and label formatting, both positive and negative.

  • Supports setting of maximum, minimum, and preferred sizes, and auto-calculation of pref. size.

  • Supports optional magnification of the sizing properties of its components (on user resize).

  • Customizable components: fonts, gaps, borders, colors, sizes, axis ranges, significant digits.

  • Supports option for the background of the content pane to show through (i.e. transparency).

  • New:  Supports lighting effects, bar rounding, coloring by category, and warning regions.

  • New:  Supports various levels of translucency of graph components for overlays and such.

  • Requires Java2 capable Virtual Machine; passes the 100% Pure Java Test.

  • Licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License; donations are encouraged.


  • New Code Released:  Chart2D_1.9.6k  (2002 Dec 22)
    Adds some accessor methods to PieChart2D.  Sourceforge updated.  This site not updated.

  • New Code Released:  Chart2D_1.9.6a  (2002 July 18)
    Adds "cat coloring", "warning regions", lighting effects/shading, and rounded bars.
    Made possible by Siperian.  Website update, better demos, and tutorial to come.

  • $50 Donation from Keith Perkins.  (2002 May 31)
    Thanks to Keith Perkins for his donation to Chart2D.  Make yours today.

  • $9,000 Chart2D Support Contract from Siperian. (2002 May 27)
    Thanks to Siperian for having the author customize and integrate Chart2D into their product.

  • $100 Donation from Experian Scorex.  (2002 Mar 09)
    Thanks to Experian Scorex for their donation to Chart2D.