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If you used the library and want to make a donation to this project, your donation will be appreciated.

You have three payment options:  By Check, By Electronic Funds Bank Transfer, or By Credit Card.

Note:  Some companies have asked me to send them a bill so that they would be able to donate in the form of paying my bill.  If you prefer this, just send me e-mail.  I can bill you for however many hours at whatever rate you indicate.

By Check:
You can make a donation by check.  Send it to me at the following address.  
Jason J. Simas
887 Tico Road
Ojai Ca, 93023-3555

By Electronic Funds Transfer:
You can make a donation from your bank account electronically.  If you are not already a paypal member, you will have to become one.  Use this form and click the "Sign Up" button.

By Credit Card:
You can make a donation using your credit card through paypal.  Use this form and enter your card information.